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Session Protocols

Stand Strong Psychological has put the following session protocols in place to support a safe and successful therapeutic experience.  All individuals, children, youth,  parents/caregivers are expected to be compliant with the following:



  • If meeting at the child's home  please refrain from having visitors during the session to allow for an uninterrupted, focused and confidential session.

  • Do not attend the session if you are unwell or opt for a video session.  (Please see cancellation and rescheduling policies)

  • If meeting at the child's home the front  door will remain unlocked at all times (If this is an issue please contact me to discuss)

  • During session times all parties will be free from the influence of illicit drugs and from alcohol.

  • All communication with all parties  will refrain from any type of aggression.

  • Please advise if you would like me to wear a mask

  • social distancing and COVID SA policies to be in place 

  • For face to face sessions please ensure there is access for  suitable parking

  • Please ensure there is safe access to the premises including from dogs.

  • Please ensure the area the session is held in is smoke free for the duration of the session

Stand Strong Child & Youth Counselling thanks you for your co-operation
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