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Welcome to Stand Strong Psychological

Stand Strong Psychological is a mobile mental health psychotherapy and practical social work service for all ages with a specialty working with children, youth & Families. Stand Strong services all of Adelaide and regional/remote South Australia by appointment. Stand Strong was founded by social worker Leah Price in 2022.  Stand Strong offers a culturally competent, supportive and collaborative approach to assisting adults, adolescents, children, young people and families identify, understand and work through mental health issues that are causing distress and concern in the child/young person and family.

Stand Strong works with Self and Plan Managed NDIS participants as well as private Individual bookings.   Stand Strong will come to your child's home, school or alternate location.  Online sessions are also available.

About Leah

Hi, I'm Leah.

I am an Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW), graduating with a Bachelor of social work  from Griffith University QLD in 2011.  I am currently working on continuing my professional development and clinical practice with the aim to achieve accreditation with the AASW as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker which I aim to achieve around June 2024.

I have extensive experience in across the children, youth and families sector and comprehensive involvement in working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families in North QLD.

I myself have lived experience with mental health issues from childhood trauma, and work from that experience offering a person-centered, trauma informed approach where the client is the expert.  I have a strong interest in working from an attachment model and focusing on inter-relationship neurobiology. An important part of my practice framework is to  educate clients on the impacts of trauma on the developing brain and how that impact growth, and development across al domains and support clients and families in 'rewiring' those pathways that may be underdeveloped due to trauma.

My passion is around giving people ‘a voice’ and rather than change who they are, assist them  to embrace their individuality and creativeness whilst offering skills and strategies to manage behaviors that cause distress and difficulty in their lives and to assist parents with learning adequate skills to facilitate a more consistent and harmonious home environment and family relationships. I work with all ages on an individual and family level, I specialize in children, youth & families. When working with children and young people I find it important to work with the parent/caregiver and in some cases the whole family. I will work with the whole family individually or collectively as needed based on the child's/youth's needs. Parents and Caregivers will receive consistent updates on skills we are working on and strategies on how to continue this at home.

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