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Stand Strong is Here to Assist

Stand Strong understands the importance of finding the right fit for a therapist for your child/young person and family.  A 'good fit' in a therapist  could be in terms of building a rapport, building trust, being comfortable with the content and pace of the therapeutic process and seeing the desired results which ultimately lead to increased well being in your children and a more harmonious family life.  A 'good fit' for a therapist also increases consistency in the therapeutic relationship which is essential for a successful therapeutic process. 

Having gone through this process myself I know first and the distress of sharing your story only to find the match between myself and the therapist is not a good one and then having to find someone else and start all over again.  Our stories are precious, we really only want to share them with a therapist who will will be trustworthy and respectful.  Stand Strong offers transparency and consistency throughout the therapeutic process. 

Asking the right questions is very important. Below you will find a compilation of the most common questions I’ve been asked about therapeutic  services I provide. If you still have questions after reading through the FAQs, please give me a call or send me an email, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

How do I make a booking?

To make a booking please contact Leah on mob: 0476 020 730 or email:  Please note that due to the wide area Stand Strong covers booking will be requested to be made in areas that are being serviced that day where possible

What is a social worker?

A social worker is a professional who helps clients handle clients' challenges related to physical, behavioral, mental or emotional health. Depending on their specialty, social workers may work with children, adults or families. They often help clients navigate challenging situations regarding their home and family life, or their behavior in school by providing helpful resources and coordinating useful recovery strategies. Social workers may strive to change and improve their clients' circumstances or alter their outlook and behaviors. They may also act as a client's advocate. There are a variety of specializations within the field of social work, including: - School social work - Healthcare social work - Community social work - Chil and family social work. The requirements for a social worker in Australia to have private practice in counselling and therapy are as follows: - Complete a four year undergraduate degree or a two year Master’s degree accredited by the Australian Association of Social Workers : - Meet the requirements of continuing professional development. - Comply with the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards and requirements as set out by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) Social work is a self-regulated profession which is in the process of seeking national registration. Leah has completed a 4 yr Bachelor of social work graduating from Griffith University (QLD) in 2011. Leah has extensive experience in working with children and families and comprehensive involvement working with Aboriginal and Toress Strait Isander children nd families. I am an Accredited Social Worker with the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW). I am currently working towards Accreditation as a Mental Health Social Worker

What types of counselling do you provide?

Stand Strong Child & Youth Counseling provides the delivery of client focussed therapeutic services for children, young people and their families.  For more detail on the types of therapies please view in the 'Services' tab.

What is your approach in working with children, young people and their families

My approach is always client centered. My client is the child/young person. I endeavour to work with the family as needed in the therapeutic process as confidentiality allows because its so important that the work I do with your child be able to be continued in the home. Child counselling differs from adult counselling in the way that adults are mostly not dependent on anyone else. It's helpful for the child to hve the support of their family/caregivers and to have a safe space at home where they can work on the strategies we talk about in session. I understand that therapy can be very scary and sometimes we dont know what to expect. In keeping with my child focussed approach Leah offers a free 15 minute video consult with the child/young person to introduce myself, Share a bit about myself and explain a bit about what they can expect at the session. There will be time for them to ask me any questions they may have. If nothing else, this takes the edge of a little bit and they are not confronted with a total stranger on the day of the first session.

How many times will my child need to see you?

Each client 's needs will be diferent therefore there is no set number of sessions. Generally for clients who are in a heightened state and/or need extra help, will be advised to partiipate in weekly or fortnightly sessions. As the work progresses and goal outcomes are being reached, sessions will space out further. This will be discussed with the child/young person and family/caregivers. At the first client appointment, Leah will do an assessment on the client and from there discuss with the parent/caregiver and the child (depending on thier age) the results of the assessment and have a discussion about Leah's recommendations about a plan moving forward including frequency of sessions. This plan will outline specific desired outcomes, types orf therapy and strategies reccomended and have a review date. The plan review is a good indicator of how the therapeutic porcess is going for your child and what needs to happen next. A review date can be brought forward if deemed necessary. I will email parents/caregivers regularly around the types of things we have been working on without giving specifics or breaking confidentiality. I understand the importance of feeling connected to your child's treatment.

All counselling sessions are confidential with minimal records being kept and securely stored. It will be discussed with your child/young person an parents/caregivers t the first session that if the child is at risk of harm, has been harmed or expresses ideology around harming themselves or others Leah will need to share that information with the appropriate person as a duty of care. As a social worker Leah is a mandatory reporter.Mandatory reporting is the legal requirement for certain professional groups to report a reasonable belief of child physical or sexual abuse to child protection authorities.

What are your fees?

Individual Counselling session fees are as follows: NDIS participant: $193.99 & .97c per km each way Travel Time to be discussed. *Stand Strong accepts bookings from NDIS participants on self or plan managed funds under the following lines Capacity Building: (Assessment Reccomendationj Therapy or Training - Social Worker) under 7 yrs #15_005_0118_1_3 over 7 yrs #15_621_0128_1_3 For more information on bookings please see the 'Booking and Payments' tab and the 'Cancellation' tab above.

What is your cancellation policy?

Stand Strong understands that sometimes you need to change your appointment, and we kindly ask for a minimum of 48 hours for cancellation or rescheduling of your session time. This allows sufficient time for us to rebook your appointment slot. If cancellation/rescheduling is outside of 48 hours the full fee may apply. This is at the discretion of Stand Strong Child & Youth Counselling. We regret the need to introduce this policy, but late cancellations and 'no-shows' represent a considerable cost to our business.

Where is Stand Strong located?

Stand Strong is a mobile service servicing Adelaide and remote areas of South Australia. I will meet with your child/young person at the agreed location whether it be home, school, community or other greed location. Video and phone appointments are also available. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people I will discuss with the family the most appropriete setting for sessions, yarning on the land is always a good option.

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